O'Connor Brothers Band

Upcoming Shows

September 24th RMU  Breckenridge, CO (acoustic)

March 4th Motherloaded Tavern Breckenridge, CO

March 10th RMU  Breckenridge, CO (acoustic)

March 26th  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO

March 31st RMU  Breckenridge, CO (acoustic)

April 2nd Oskar Blues Black Buzzard Denver, CO

March 14th RMU  Breckenridge, CO (acoustic)

April 16th Globe Hall Denver, CO

April 28th RMU  Breckenridge, CO (acoustic)

June 2nd Oskar Blues Black Buzzard Denver, CO

June 11th Private Event Frisco, CO

June 25th Bacon & Bourbon Festival Keystone, CO

June 26th Bacon & Bourbon Festival Keystone, CO

July 8th RMU  Breckenridge, CO

July 9th Magic Rat Fort Collins, CO

July 16th Lost Lake Denver, CO 

July 15th Dillon Farmers Market Dillon, CO (acoustic)

July 16th Lost Lake Denver, CO 

July 22nd Dillon Amphitheater Dillon, CO

August 5th RMU  Breckenridge, CO

August 5th RMU  Breckenridge, CO

August 26th Motherloaded Tavern Breckenridge, CO

January 8th COATI Colorado Springs, CO

January 20th RMU  Breckenridge, CO (acoustic)

January 22nd  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO

February 5th Napper Tandy’s Breckenridge, CO

February 25th  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO

February 26th Globe Hall Denver, CO

September 24th RMU  Breckenridge, CO

September 29th Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

October 29th Local 46 Denver, CO

November 27th Lost Lake Denver, CO

May 29th Dillon Amphitheater Dillon, CO

June 4th Oriental Theater Denver, CO

June 12th  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO (acoustic)

July 13th The Salt Lick Denver, CO

July 2nd Dillon Farmers Market Dillon, CO

July 2nd First Friday Silverthorne, CO

July 15th RMU  Breckenridge, CO

July 16th Breck Gold Fest Breckenridge, CO

July 17th  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO (acoustic)

August 6th  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO (acoustic)

August 10th FoCo Food Truck Rally Fort Collins, CO

August 20th Local 46 Denver, CO

August 21st Dillon Van Expo Dillon, CO

August 28th  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO

May 29th Dillon Amphitheater Dillon, CO

April 21st Camera Jams (Live Stream) Denver, CO

March 21st Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

August 1st Dillon Amphitheater Dillon, CO

December 18th Number 38 Denver, CO

September 4th Labor Day Weekend River Run  Keystone, CO

August 1st Dillon Amphitheater Dillon, CO

July 17th River Walk Center Breckenridge, CO

June 27th Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

June 18th River Walk Center Breckenridge, CO

May 28th  Dazzle Live Stream@Mighty Fine Studios Denver, CO

April 17th Town of Dillon TO GO JAMS Dillon, CO

March 21st Globe Hall Denver, CO

May 8th Walnut Room Denver, CO 

June 12th Dillon Farmers Market Dillon, CO

June 12th Dillon Amphitheater Dillon, CO
February 29th Your Moms House Denver Denver, CO

January 17th Motherloaded Tavern  Breckenridge, CO

January 3rd The Cala Keystone, CO

December 13th Lost Lake Denver, CO

December 6th Stranahans Snowflake Release Party Denver, CO

November 15th  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO

October 3rd Silver heels Bar and Grill Frisco, CO (Acoustic Set)

August 29th Silver heels Bar and Grill Frisco, CO (Solo Set)

August 23rd Moe’s Original BBQ Englewood Denver, CO

August 2nd The Cala Keystone, CO

July 21st Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

June 23rd Bacon & Bourbon Festival Keystone, CO

June 22nd Silver heels Bar and Grill Frisco, CO (Acoustic Set)

June 6th Alpine Bank Event Dillon, CO

June 7th Dillon Farmers Market Dillon, CO

June 7th Dillon Amphitheater Dillon, CO

June 1st  Dazzle Jazz Denver, CO

May 11th  Globe Hall Denver, CO

April 12th  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO

April 13th Red Truck Beer Co. Fort Collins, CO

February 22nd  HighSide Brewing Frisco, CO

January 12th Blue Stag Saloon Breckenridge, CO

January 10th Syntax Physic Opera Denver, CO

December 21st The Cala Keystone, CO

October 12th The Little Bear Evergreen, CO

September 29th Red Truck Beer Co. Fort Collins, CO

September 22nd Blue Stag Saloon Breckenridge, CO (acoustic set)

September 1st Grand Adventure Brewing Kremmling, CO (acoustic set)

August 24th The Little Bear Evergreen, CO

August 10th The Cala Keystone, CO

June 29th Bonfire Brewing Eagle, CO (acoustic set)

June 15th Ride The Rockies Closing (Kingdom Park) Breckenridge, CO

May 18th Your Mom’s House Denver, CO (acoustic set)

May 14th Laughing Goat  Boulder, CO

January 27th Hermans Hideaway  Denver, CO

January 14th Laughing Goat Boulder, CO

January 12th The Cala Keystone, CO

January 11th The Little Bear Evergreen, CO

December 29th Bonfire Brewing Eagle, CO

December 23rd 9pm The Barkley Ballroom Frisco, CO W/ Summit Family Band

 November 22nd The Barkley Ballroom Frisco, CO

September 22nd The Toad Tavern Littleton, CO

September 23 Laughing Goat Boulder, CO

September 21 Hermans Hideaway Denver, CO

September 13th The Oriental Theater Denver, CO

September 9th The Cala Dillon, CO

September 8th Napper Tandy’s Breckenridge, CO (acoustic set)

June 24th 8:30pm The Cala Dillon, CO

March 29th 9:00pm Laughing Goat Boulder, CO (acoustic set)

February 17th 8:00pm Hermans Hideaway Denver, CO

January 28th 8:30pm The Cala Dillon, CO

November 25th 9pm The Barkley Ballroom Frisco, CO

October 16th 9pm Laughing Goat Boulder, CO

October 15 5pm Snowbank Brewing Company Fort Collins, CO

October 14 7pm Equinox Brewing Company Fort Collins, CO

October 12th 8pm Hermans Hideaway Denver, CO